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    UPDATE   Information and updates on LCSC's response regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
    CPC Logo   CPC vendors respond to the COVID-19 crisis with free resources and extended promotions.  As vendors contact CPC about their response to this crisis, stay tuned to the Vendor Response Page for the latest CPC vendor resources and offerings.

    Stay up to date on the facts, rely on credible sources and do your part in preventing the spread of misinformation circulating around COVID-19. Listed are several trusted sources containing information and updates related to the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19).

    Education Resources  

    LCSC’s Education Services understands that schooling cancellations and postponements due to the COVID-19 Pandemic pose unique and difficult obstacles when it comes to schooling. In an effort to assist with these obstacles, the Education Services Department has compiled a list of educational resources for anyone in need.

    Remote Work  

    Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers are finding themselves transitioning from working within an office environment, to fulfilling their job duties remotely. Composed here are several resources that we hope can assist you with your remote work.

    Staying Healthy  

    During this time, many companies are providing resources to assist individuals with their mental and physical health from the safety of their own homes. Composed here are several resources provided to assist you with staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.