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    2018 Symposium:  "Building Civility Through Trust & Relationships"
    January 19, 2018 - 9:00a.m. - at LCSC

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    Amplifon Hearing Aid Program now provided to LCSC members and their family.
    Amplifon provides custom hearing solutions from the leading manufacturers, expert care to make sure your expectations are met, and low prices negotiated on your behalf. Call Amplifon at 1-888-402-1394 and a Patient Care Advocate will assist you in finding a hearing care provider near you.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ON AMPLIFON

    Take a Hearing Quiz...
    Which Hearing Aid is Right for You?  CLICK HERE FOR QUIZ
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    FJJ Logo   LCSC Announces a New Business Partnership for Facilities Planning and Projects.  Click Here for more info
    18Online     A Graduate Program for High School Teachers
    Providing the 18 credits you need to teach concurrent enrollment
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    Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
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    Great New Way to Manage Your Vehicle Fleet 
    Cities, counties and schools are looking for a solution to more efficiently manage their buses and commercial vehicles. As a member of LCSC, you are eligible for discounted hardware, sotware and services from Zonar. Learn more here. 
    GetEdFunding   Free Search - GetEdFunding
    GetEdFunding is a free grant finding resource, dedicated to helping educators and institutions identify money you need in budget-tight times.
    Click here for more information.