iPad Information and Resources


LittleFalls Public Schools ~ Project REAL


LutheranHigh School ~ St. Peters, Missouri


University of MN ~ CE+HD/OIT iPad Project


TheiPad Project ~ Minnesota Medicine, MN Medical Assocaition


NDSU ~iPad for Education and Research


AtomicLearning Blog ~ Lessons Learned from a 1:1 Initiative


Edutopia~ 5 Steps for Implementing a Successful 1:1 Environment


iPadEducators Ning ~ iPads in Education


CanbyPublic Schools ~ Managing a Major Deployment



BYOD Resources


Edina:Bring Your Own Technology Initiative


Edina ~BYOD Resources


Article:  Technology In Schools: In Some Cash-StrappedDistricts, Kids Bring Their Own Devices

Article:In Some Cash-Strapped Schools, KidsBring Their Own Tech Devices


WilliamsonCounty Schools, TN



HanoverPublic Schools


Insidethe classroom, Outside the Box: Bring Your Own Device Resources


TeacherCast: Bring Your Own Device Resources