• The 1995 Legislature, recognizing the expanding role of Service Cooperatives, opened membership to cities, counties, and other governmental agencies.  Since that time the Lakes Country Service Cooperative Board of Directors welcomed membership from all nonprofit agencies with a 501(c)3 status.
    Membership in this area has grown to over 100 agencies.  Professional services include workshops and seminars to meet the needs of local governments and nonprofits in areas such as leadership and technology.  In an effort to foster communication and open dialog between member agencies in this region, Lakes Country Service Cooperative facilitates professional advisory and networking groups.  These networking groups include city administrators, mayors, public works directors, regional technology coordinators, and human resource specialists.
    All services offered by Lakes Country Service Cooperative are available to cities, counties, nonprofits and other governmental agencies based on program qualifications.
    For more information on services and membership, contact:
    Jane Eastes