• Membership
    Becoming a member of LCSC is easy and provides you with quick access to a variety of services.
    Who Is Eligible?
    Membership is available to all government, educational and non-profit organizations.  Many growth opportunities are free with membership.
    Our current membership is large and diverse.  Cities, counties, public and private schools, non-profits of all sizes, faith-based organizations, and higher educational institutions are members of LCSC.
    As a member, you can select any services offered by LCSC.  Some services, such as Cooperative Purchasing, are free with membership.  Others are funded through a fee-for-services arrangement or through our many grant programs.
    Benefits of Membership
    Membership comes with access to:
    • Members-only pricing on over 30 Cooperative Purchasing contracts
    • Numerous workshops and regional meetings
    • Networking opportunities
    • Technology trainings
    • Experienced consultants in specialized educational issues
    • Current health insurance pools and wellness programs
    • Participation in the Health & Safety program
    • Student academic challenge programs
    • Newsletter on relevant topics and issues
    • And much more...
    For a membership form and pricing information, please contact either Jane Eastes or Melissa Walvatne.  Their contact information is listed below.
    Jane Eastes, Director of Operations
    jeastes@lcsc.org - (218) 739-3273
    Melissa Walvatne, Insurance Assistant
    mwalvatne@lcsc.org - (218) 739-3273