• Region IV Public School districts contract with LCSC to receive regional health, safety and environmental management assistance services.

    This is a cooperative program with the MN Department of Education to provide assistance in the development and implementation of an effective health and safety program throughout a district. It also assists directly in the identification and application process for health and safety capital projects through the state health and safety levy.

    Management Assistance assists districts with the following:

    • Build and maintain an on-going and effective health and safety program
    • Identify and prioritize health and safety issues
    • Apply for health and safety levy monies through the Dept. of Education
    • Educate on health and safety topics through workshops and presentations
    • Monitor health and safety programs for effectiveness
    • Implementation of new regulations as rule changes occur
    • Provide regional on-site expert assistance in health and safety issues

    Jane Eastes is the LCSC Regional Management Assistance provider. She can be reached at 218-737-6531 or by email at jeastes@lcsc.org.