• Information Technology Education:
    Would your school or college like to be
    a Cisco Networking Academy?
    ciscomain"Wanted:  Tech-Savvy Workers!"
    This is the call from business and industry.  To help satisfy that need, LCSC's Cisco and IT Education program supports a large number of Networking Academies.  These high schools, colleges and universities teach courses written and provided by the Cisco Networking Academy.
    Courses lead to industry certifications, which helps students obtain a job.  There are opportunities for college credit for high school students and opportunities for articulation into colleges.  Colleges often provide intership opportunities, which makes a student even more employable.
    If you are interested in becoming a Cisco Networking Academy, email Ken Bosak, kbosak@lcsc.org . If you would like to see what the Cisco online curricula look like, click any of the following links.
    Exploration (networking)
    Discovery (networking)
    IT Essentials (PC Hardware and Software)
    Contact Information:
    Josh Nelson
    Manager of Education Services
    Troy Haugen
    Cisco ASC Coordinator