• Winter Chance - Walking in Wolf Tracks - Prologue

    winter chance
    The young man saw no other choice. Whether he could afford the time or not, he had to take a break. Forward progress came at a huge cost, as he battled a biting wind and deep snow. Every muscle and nerve, every ligament and joint, pleaded for a recess. He huddled up against the paper-like bark of a birch tree—gulping in mouthfuls of air. When breathing slowed, and his pulse stopped pounding, the teen tilted his face skyward.

    Apparently Mother Nature hadn’t completed her work. Several feet of fresh white powder already carpeted the forest floor. And from the appearance of slate-colored clouds overhead, another round of redecorating was about to begin.

    Pushing down panic, the youth lowered his gaze and resumed plodding in the general direction of the trail. If he were to save himself, the narrow forest path had to be reached before dark. He didn’t dare linger. That could prove fatal, and he wasn’t ready to die.

    The teenager was positive the weather gods held a grudge against him. The forecast promised clear skies and more days of above-normal temperatures. Yeah, he brooded, just like the prediction for the autumn adventure. Why hadn’t the lesson been learned the first time?

    This two day trip seemed so simple—so safe—and the perfect prescription for a private dilemma. Catch a ride up the Gunflint Trail, then hike to an out-of-the-way wilderness lake. Set up camp, do some winter fishing, and bed down for the night. Trek back to the blacktop around noon the next day.

    Easy enough. But like so often happens in life, things hadn’t gone as planned. Who could have possibly foreseen Old Man Winter joining forces with a pair of ill-tempered outlaws? Working as a team, the trio had managed to transform this innocent outing into a life or death survival test.

    Reflecting back, the youngster realized he should have heeded his mother’s words. She’d warned him about the dangers of camping out alone. But he hadn’t paid much attention.  Although it was too late now, he was wishing he’d taken her advice.
    Prologue from Winter Chance, the second title in the Chance series by author Ron Gamer.

    Excerpt from My Last Best Friend by Julie Bowe

    Copyright© 2007 by Julie Bowe. Used by permission of Harcourt Children’s Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.


    last best friend  

    “My last best friend, Elizabeth Evans, moved away. She was the only friend I needed because we liked all the same things. Messy art projects. Corny jokes. Mild cheddar cheese. Oh sure, we promised to always be best friends and to write to each other every week, which I did even though I’m a better drawer than writer.  But she never wrote back. I did get a birthday card from her, but it was really from her mother. I could tell by the cursive. And that’s the last time I didn’t hear from her.”

    Excerpt from the book authored by Julie Bowe.  Copyright 2007 by Julie Bowe.  Used by permission of Harcourt Children's Books, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.  All rights reserved.