2013 Statewide Knowledge Bowl Coaches Clinic
We were excited to offer the 2013 Statewide Knowledge Bowl Coaches Clinic. This clinic was a great a way to get energized as you start your Knowledge Bowl year with other Knowledge Bowl coaches throughout the state of Minnesota. The sessions were designed to provide valuable information to help enhance and grow your program.
Keynote Address - Ben Lacina
Breakout Session Ia:  Enhance Your KB Program
Breakout Session Ib:  Using Social Media and Other Practice Gems
Breakout Session IIa:  Hosting an Invitational
Breakout Session IIb:  Getting Your KB Story in the News
Breakout Session IIIa:  Recruiting and Growing Your Program
Breakout Session IIIb: Rookie Coaches Session
Panel Q&A:   
Keynote speaker Speakers