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    RCE Positions Across the State

    Throughout the statewide system of Regional Centers of Excellence, there are many different positions, including:

    Regional Center Directors: The RCE Center Director plays an integral role in leading and supervising the regional center team to build their capacity to support systems improvement, utilizing effective adult learning and feedback practices.  The Center Director is responsible for regional project management and organization.  As a team leader, the Center Director understands the complex nature of school improvement and possesses experience in leading and facilitating systems change.  The Center Director is deeply committed to leading for educational equity; the condition of justice, fairness and inclusion in our systems of education so that all students have access to the opportunities to learn and develop to their fullest potentials.

    District Support Specialists: District Support Specialists work primarily with districts with schools identified for Targeted Support and Improvement under ESSA.  This support includes focused, professional development and access to networking opportunities designed to guide district leaders in supporting school improvement planning and implementation, including leadership team development, conducting the comprehensive needs assessment, selecting appropriate evidence-based interventions and strategies, and addressing resource inequities.  

    Education System Specialists: In collaboration with the Center Director, RCE Education Systems Specialists are responsible for planning and coordinating professional growth and learning for RCE staff, including staff induction, development and support.  Education System Specialists also provide direct support for districts and schoolos, and include individuals who specialize in data and equity.  

    Principal Support Specialists: Principal Support Specialists provide the following supports for school leaders:

    • Professional Learning: Instructional feedback observation, induction and mentoring, resources and tools to support school improvement and instructional leadership, principal development and evaluation.
    • Networks: Convene networks/communities of practice to support instructional leadership.
    • Coaching: On-call technical assistance, collaboration, problem-solving, and general support to school leaders in schools within the regional area.

    RCE Specialists and School Advocates: RCE staff provide on-site support, professional development, resources, and networking opportunities to local leadership teams in schools identified for support and improvement under Minnesota’s Every Student Succeeds Act plan. The title “advocates” was specifically chosen to show that they work side by side, on the ground with district and school staff to help the school improve.

    • English Language Development Specialist and School Advocate
    • Equity Specialist and School Advocate
    • Implementation Specialist and School Advocate
    • Math Specialist and School Advocate
    • Reading Specialist and School Advocate
    • Special Education Specialist and School Advocate
    • Graduation Support Specialist and School Advocate