• Rural MN CEP

    In 1968, Rural Minnesota Concentrated Employment Program (RMCEP) was created as part of the War on Poverty on the premise that work is the key to a successful life. Over the years, we have provided employment and training services through various programs and laws; always providing service with respect, resiliency and responsiveness to our customers.

    Programs have changed and the strategies that we use have expanded. Through it all, RMCEP’s core characteristics have remained constant: A caring and dedicated staff, the ability to adapt and change in response to new laws, programs and economic conditions, a willingness to collaborate, and a commitment to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders. As a result, we have become a leader in developing the workforce of the nineteen
    counties we serve.

    We continue to meet the needs of the communities we serve. We are working to reach diverse populations and implement new strategies. We work with new Americans, individuals with disabilities and underrepresented populations to ensure all can participate with equal footing in our economy. We reach out to youth in the high schools to help them understand the working world and be better prepared to make solid post-high school decisions about their life. We work with folks who have lost their jobs to get back in the workforce quickly and with folks on public assistance to become self-reliant. We work with senior citizens who desire to keep on working past retirement.

    In the past 50 years, we have provided program services to approximately 10,000 individuals per year… which means we have served one half million customers…providing them with the supports, education and information to become successful through the power of work. Additionally, we served about 10,000-20,000 individuals each year through the resource room services.

    We want to congratulate the many individuals who found their career path through working with RMCEP and helped make our region strong. We thank our current and past staff, who contributed to help people make their employment dreams a reality for the past 50 years; and we thank each of you for your continued support of our efforts in our communities! For more information, contact Dan Wenner - danw@rmcep.com or Vicki Leaderbrand - vickil@rmcep.com or visit our website at www.rmcep.com.