• Continuing Services

    July 23, 2020
    LCSC Update - Extension of Current Plan through Labor Day

    While continuing to follow government and health guidelines, as well as keep the health and safety of our employees at the center of our decisions, we would like to inform you that LCSC will be extending the current plan through Labor Day; Monday, September 7th of 2020.

    Our internal LCSC COVID-19 Preparedness Plan will be extended; This plan was developed to establish and explain the policies, practices and conditions necessary to meet all guidelines in place and protect the health and well-being of our employees.

    Governor Walz has issued Executive Order 20-81 which requires face coverings in all public indoor spaces and businesses unless alone. Our plan is in compliance with this order.  The Department of Health has provided guidance on when and where face masks are required, who is exempted and what types of face coverings should be used.

    We will continue to provide updates promptly as news arrives.

    Enjoy the summer weather and stay healthy.

    June 4, 2020
    LCSC Update - Building Open to Limited Staff and Pre-Booked Meetings of 10 People Max

    LCSC has composed a detailed plan containing procedures and guidelines for a safe return to work and the meetings taking place at LCSC. The plan was designed not only in accommodation with government and health guidelines, but also with our main goals in mind; the health and safety of our employees, community, visitors and members. A few of the LCSC building guidelines are as follows;

    • LCSC is limiting the amount of staff within the building by alternating employees' in-office work schedules. 
    • LCSC asks that you stay home if you or any household members are experiencing any signs of illness.
    • Entry and Exit of the LCSC building are via the main East entrance only.
    • Washing hands should be completed before and after entering the building, as well as often throughout your time here.
    • Employees and visitors are required to wear non-medical grade face coverings (masks) when in common areas of the building or where there are more than two people gathered.
    • Maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet between yourself and others as much as possible.
    • Employees, members and guests will not gather in groups of more than 10 people.

    We hope that the precautionary and protective measures we are taking to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and visitors during our soft opening provides some comfort in this time of uncertainly.

    May 1, 2020
    LCSC Update - Building Closed Throughout Month of May

    Within Governor Walz’ most recent address, he announced that starting Monday, May 4th customer-facing retail will be open for curbside-pickup and delivery.  In addition, Governor Walz has extended the stay-at-home order until May 18th.  He stated that we cannot eliminate COVID-19 without a vaccine, however, we can slow the spread and lessen the burden of healthcare facilities and workers by staying home and practicing social distancing when performing essential duties.

    As we have stated on numerous occasions, the health of our team, their families, our members and community is of the utmost importance to Lakes Country Service Cooperative.  As a result, our office will remain closed to the public throughout the month of May and LCSC employees are encouraged to continue their work remotely. 

    Continue to visit the LCSC website for further updates.  Be safe and well.  

    April 9, 2020
    LCSC Update

    Governor Walz' "Stay At Home" order that was announced to combat the growing COVID-19 pandemic will continue to be in effect at LCSC. In response to his decree on April 8th, we are extending the closure of LCSC's buildings through May 4th.  According to Governor Walz, staying at home and social distancing through May 4th will not only continue to pay off, but will also buy Minnesota more time to gather the supplies and resources needed before the anticipated peak.  Our staff is well prepared for this extension and feel we are well positioned to continue our services while working remotely.  Please continue to check back here for further news and updates regarding LCSC's response to COVID-19.

    March 26, 2020
    LCSC Update

    The "Stay At Home" order in which Governor Walz announced to combat the growing COVID-19 pandemic will take effect Friday, March 27th through Friday, April 10th. In response to this decree, we are extending the closure of LCSC's buildings through April 10th. We are fortunate in that the planning period and steps taken thus far have prepared us to continue serving our members while allowing our staff to continue their work remotely. Our priorities and goals remain and we will continue to support our staff, members and community. Please continue to check back here for further news and updates regarding LCSC's response to COVID-19. 

    March 20, 2020
    LCSC Update

    As our communities continue to feel the increasing impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we feel it is important to provide an update regarding LCSC operations. 

    Effective Friday, March 20th at noon through Monday, April 6th, the LCSC buildings will be closed to the public in response to COVID-19.  Our daily operations and service to members will continue, however we are encouraging our staff to carry out their work responsibilities remotely. We feel this decision is best for the well-being of our staff and community. Please note: 

    • Events and workshops scheduled to take place within the LCSC meeting centers have been transitioned to take place virtually, were cancelled, or will be postponed until further notice. 
    • Daily office functions that require on-site staffing will proceed. 
    • Whether working off-site, or at the LCSC building, our staff remains available for the continuation of service and support to our members. 

    We understand that these are uncertain times and we thank you for being flexible and adaptive as we navigate this together.  We will continue to review potential challenges and adjust our plans in a prompt and timely manner, providing updates whenever we are able.  As always, the well-being of our staff, members and community is our number one priority.   

    On behalf of our staff, we thank you for your patience and value the trust that you have placed in LCSC and our services.  We will continue to do whatever we can to support your current and future needs – in ways that are both new and familiar.  

    Stay safe and healthy. 


    The LCSC Team