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  • Since stepping into my role of Executive Director of Lakes County Service Cooperative in 2006, I have watched this agency achieve remarkable successes. Our staff, programs, and facilities have doubled, which has allowed us to expand our membership to meet our annual goals year after year. Through this growth, we have cultivated a team of dedicated leaders who serve with integrity. However, above accomplishments and accolades, we place importance on the way in which we serve our members.

    At Lakes Country Service Cooperative, we consistently put “We” before “I.” We believe leadership can be exemplified at every level, and value the synergy that comes from working together in teams. Though each role and responsibility may be different, it is through teamwork that we excel.

    Our motto at Lakes Country Service Cooperative is “Together We Achieve”. Together, through partnerships and thoughtful conversations, a team that Achieves greatness is built. I believe AESA to be a team driven by passionate leaders that continually Achieve. A team that I would be proud to serve.


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  • In 2018, I had the honor of filling the seat of a colleague who retired from serving on the AESA Executive Council. Through this single-year-term, I learned about leadership, programs, AESA as an organization and our goals. I often refer to this short term as one of the highlights of my career. This is because, most importantly, I learned about our expanded AESA network of friends and colleagues, our organizational assets, and our capacity of impact through service.

    I am excited at the opportunity of serving and leading through the AESA Executive Council and I hope to earn your vote.