• Career & Technical Education

    Career and Technical Education integrates academic, career, and technical knowledge and skills that prepare more than 163,000 Minnesota high school students for:

    • Post-secondary Education and Learning
    • Career Preparation and Advancement
    • Meaningful Work and Active Citizenship
    • Competitiveness in the 21st Century, Global Economy

    Career and Technical Education Programs in Minnesota high schools operate in accordance with Minnesota Rules, Chapter 3505 and are defined as programs for grades 9-12 that meet the following requirements:

    • Include in-depth exploration of occupations to assist in the career planning process;
    • Include the development of occupational competencies designed to be recognized for advanced placement in post-secondary programs; and
    • Include the development of occupational competencies necessary to enter an occupation.

    All member school districts in the Lakes Country Service Cooperative area are scheduled for a 5 year program approval renewal process according to the Minnesota Department of Education. Applications from career and technical education programs in each district are due by December 1 to maintain state approval status continuity.

    Required components for state approval of secondary career and technical education programs include:

    ·         Community Involvement (advisory committees and business partnerships)

    ·         Personnel (appropriate career and technical education credentials and licensure)

    ·         Program Administration (operational and financial )

    ·         Program Assessment (technical skill proficiency, curriculum review cycle, and a continuous program improvement plan)

    ·         Program Design (career pathways, labor market information, standards and assessments, curriculum review cycle, instructional delivery, student organizations, and work based learning options)

    ·         Resources (curriculum, specialized and technical equipment, facilities and laboratories), and

    ·         Support Services (accessibility to special populations students, connection to career guidance and counseling programs)

    Program Approval Applications and Instructions are available at the Minnesota Department of Education website at: http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/dse/cte/data/prog/

    For more detailed information on the design and operation of secondary Career and Technical Education Programs, please visit: Minnesota Department of Education

    Career & Technical Education Staff:

    Troy Haugen
    Director of Career & College Readiness
    Jolene King
    Program Assistant

    For general Career and Technical Education Questions, please email: perkins@lcsc.org