• Lakes Country Service Cooperative is partnering with FENWORKS esports, and we want you to Join the Pack! With over 8,600 high schools participating, esports is the second most viewed sport in the world.

    FENWORKS, a STEM.org accredited business, provides a safe, professional video gaming and educational curriculum to introduce students to new skills and career paths. FENWORKS brings varsity level esports programs to middle and high school students and helps create a meaningful online community that gets students involved and engaged. DOWNLOAD the FENWORKS information brochure.

    Game Titles Include Rocket League, Valorant, APex Legends, Overwatch, Smite, Minecraft, and Online Chess. Games are rated T for Teen and are appropriate for ages 13 and up. 

    The video gaming content features critical thinking, team play, and problem-solving while improving participant skills. FENWORKS’ educational content teaches students wellness, basic computer science, digital media production, and more. FENWORKS’ topics are selected to give students skills they can utilize in the future. It’s INCLUSIVE! Esports is accessible to anyone with a gaming device and an internet connection, fostering an environment that does not discriminate against any social demographic.

    For more details on enrollment, deadlines, and fees, contact Jane Eastes or Josh Nelson.

  • What does Fenworks have to offer students in my school?

    Esports offer an unprecedented level of fairness and inclusion when compared to traditional sports. Esports offers a level, competitive field regardless of age, gender, and genetic predisposition in ways that traditional sports are unable to accomplish. Finally, esports as an extracurricular activity boosts inclusion by creating a community atmosphere for a demographic that is routinely ignored and unincluded in traditional school extracurricular activities. DOWNLOAD the Fenworks information brochure.