• Financial & Technical Assistance
    for Cities

    Are you new to City Government, or worried about that upcoming audit? Maybe you are just running out of time in world made more complicated with pandemic planning, and don’t know how you are going to write that wellhead protection plan or rate study.  Here at Lakes Country Service Cooperative we have been searching for solutions and are excited to now offer on-site, one-on-one training and technical assistance for cities in our region.  In partnership with other regional service cooperatives, Teri Osterman has been hired to provide a host of technical and financial training assistance to our cities. 

    About the trainer

    Teri Osterman is the preferred city clerk trainer of the Minnesota Service Cooperatives. Teri has been providing in-depth training and technical assistance for Minnesota cities for over eight years. Through her extensive experience as a city clerk, city administrator, and financial services planner, she can help you navigate the complexities of the city clerk role.

    Teri is your source for training and support to help you avoid costly errors, fines, and penalties. Get up to speed fast with custom training and technical assistance designed for your unique situation.

    - On-site and One-on-One training

    - Learn at Your Pace

    - Great for New City Clerks

    - Customized Learning Plan

    - Special Project Assistance