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    A fun fieldtrip day of discovery for students in West Central Minnesota!
    Thursday, October 15, 2009
    8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    M-State in both Fergus Falls or Detroit Lakes
    Why you should go...
    Discover some incredible things taking place right in your backyard!  You'll take behind-the-scenes tours at some leading industries.  There's a full day of activities and places to see that will amaze you!  (Plus, it's MEA weekend so you won't miss any school!)
    "Awesome"....."I didn't know that was made here!".....and "Wow!".....were some kids' comments who went on last year's Career Discovery Day!
    Career Discovery Day is just that...in one day you will see jobs that your parents, friends and neighbors have.  You will tour some awesome sites and learn about things being done and things being made right in this region.  You'll find some answers to questions...for instance...
    How do they make so many, so fast?                          Where does my garbage go?
    What are those farm products used for?                      How is technology being used here?
    Where do you hear about helping people get well?         Why do people like their jobs?
    What products made here help harness wind energy?     Who comes up with these ideas?
    Your tour will expose you to jobs in healthcare, manufacturing, food production and energy and each tour has many highlights and educational value.

    Career Discovery Day

Last Modified on August 27, 2009