• Community Connections
    Our diverse membership and unique partnerships allow us to facilitate connections that strengthen our members and the communities they serve.  In this way, we touch individual lives with positive and dynamic partnerships.
    At LCSC, you'll find advisory meetings, sharing sessions, networking and in-service opportunities happening almost every day.
    Advisory Committees
    * Administrators' Advisory
    * Principals' Advisory
    * Insurance Advisory
    * Food Service Advisory
    * Career and Technical Education Program Advisory
    Informational and Networking Opportunities
    * Human Resources
    * Mayors
    * City Administrators
    * Technology Coordinators
    * Agency Alliance Meeting
    * Career and Technical Education Regional Networking Groups
    Regional Communications
    * LCSC Communicator Newsletter brings members regional news three times yearly
    * On Thin Ice e-newsletter for chemical health issues
    * LCSC Community Connections Blog
    * LCSC Human Resources Blog
    The programs and services of LCSC strive to facilitate leadership, communication and collaboration for the benefit of the communities and agencies we serve.  We engage in activities and opportunities to advocate for, bring visibility to, and highlight accomplishments achieved by our members.
    For example, the LCSC Carl D. Perkins consortium often works with businesses and higher education to ensure broad-based community involvement in career and technical education programs.  Since the program operates under federal and state laws, efforts are ongoing to understand and shape public policy.  You'll find us providing testimony at Legislative Committee hearings and participating in national policy seminars.