• Health & Safety

    The LCSC Health & Safety Program consists of trained professionals dedicated to helping our members build, implement and maintain strong safety programs in the workplace.  Services provided are on-site.                                    

                HEALTH & SAFETY TEAM

    Melissa Mattson 
    Director of Administrative Services
    Direct:  218-737-6507
    Jeff Preuss 
    Health & Safety Facilitator
    Direct:  218-737-6513
    Rick (Eric) Brynildson
    Manager of Health & Safety 
    Direct:  218-737-6555 
    Lance Roisum
    Health & Safety Facilitator
    Direct:  218-737-6543
     Brad Schmidt
    Health & Safety Facilitator
    Direct:  218-737-6533
    Linette Hanson
    Health & Safety Assistant
    Direct:  218-737-6529
                 Together We Achieve...Safer and healthier...
                 Workplaces for all employees


    - MN Licensed Asbestos Inspectors
    - MN Licensed Asbestos Management Planners
    - Certified Playground Safety Inspector
    - Certified Forklift Trainers
    - MN Department of Health Certified Lead Inspectors
    - Basic Workplace Safety Certification
    - Certified American Heart Association Trainers