• The Lakes Country Honors Program is an annual event to recognize students from our region.
    The 2020 Lakes Country Honors Banquet that was being planned for Wednesday,  May 13, 2020 at the Fergus Falls Community and Technical College has been cancelled. 

    The goal of the Lakes Country Honors Program is to provide a format whereby students from our region are publicly shown the value placed upon excellence in academic achievement, leadership ability, and community and school contribution.
    District Scholarship
    Each school district selects one student to be the recipient of a $250 District Scholarship.
                                                             2019  District Scholarship Winners
                             District Scholarship Winners                            
    Regional Scholarship
    Lake's Country Service Cooperative's Board of Directors provide one student from each district participating a $200 regional scholarship.
                                                               2019 Regional Scholarship Winners

                                Regional Scholarship winners