• Meeting Room Facilities at LCSC

    LCSC has several meeting rooms available for use.  If you are a member of LCSC, there is no charge to use our meeting spaces.

    If your agency is not a member of LCSC - rental fees will vary - depending on the room size and length of the meeting hours.

    As Governor Walz has eased restrictions on gatherings and events, we have updated the capacity limits of our Conference Center and Classroom. We are now able to bring in up to 38 people in our Conference Center and 20 in our Classroom. We will continue our mitigation efforts & requirements regarding face-coverings, room sanitizing, physical-distancing and pre-packaged catering offerings.

    Conference Center
    Holds up to 80 (38 during COVID restrictions)
    Computer/Projector/Screen/DVD/VCR/Audio/3 flat screen TVs permanently in Room
    Portable SMART Board also available in room

    Holds up to 40 (20 during COVID restrictions)
    Computer/SMART Board/Projector/DVD Player and Sound System in Room

    Board Room
    Holds up to 12 (6 during COVID restrictions)
    Projector/Screen in room
    Wall mounted computer in room/DVD Player/Sound System
    In-Room phone conferencing system

    Smaller Meeting Rooms
    Holds anywhere from 4-10 (less during COVID restrictions)

    To inquire about booking any of these rooms, please contact Paula Johnson at 218-737-6502 or email pjohnson@lcsc.org