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EmpowerU Partnership




Lakes Country Service Cooperative is excited to announce a new partnership with EmpowerU, a Minnesota based organization committing to increasing student resilience, persistence and success.

The research is clear - every $1 that school districts invest in building social-emotional resilience and student motivation comes back to them 11x over in increased outcomes like attendance and grades. The challenge right now is how to build these vital soft-skills effectively and efficiently, without putting additional strain on your already busy staff - or without the need for additional hires.

Lakes Country and MREA have vetted and approved EmpowerU as a proven SEL solution and are excited to offer special discount pricing to members schools that purchase EmpowerU. 


   What makes EmpowerU different?  


 What makes EmpowerU different is that they effectively blend daily online, resilience-building lessons with 1:1 personalized support from masters level online coaches that provide daily encouragement and accountability for students through their texting platform.

EmpowerU seamlessly helps fill the gap in Tier 1 and 2 services for students with social-emotional and mental health barriers. EmpowerU can work within your district’s MTSS framework to successfully equip students with the skills and support they need to re-engage and thrive, before costly escalation to Tier 3.

Students who complete EmpowerU’s 12-week online program not only earn needed credit, they replace anxiety and depression with resilience and persistence - over 93% of students make significant progress in motivation, confidence and wellbeing.  Learn more about the EmpowerU’s approach and research here.

Feel free to review the EmpowerU funding toolkit and website for product offerings and information on how EmpowerU programs can be implemented to help improve school-wide mental health and resilience.

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