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ORB Partnership



Lakes Country Service Cooperative partners with ORB Management Corporation and Real Estate to offer our members real estate and project advice throughout the project planning, design and construction processes.

ORB provides Owner’s Representative and Development Consulting services to organizations who are looking to develop and implement strategic real estate and facility plans. ORB brings trusted project leadership from an objective and key coordination role – helping clients manage their responsibilities and orchestrate the entire project team. ORB's process is very collaborative, disciplined, and transparent; and, is focused concurrently on team accountability for the physical, functional and financial goals that affect the outcomes of every project. 

Although ORB has experience with a wide variety of project types, the area of specialization for which othe firm is recognized would be best described as rural community projects that serve people – facilities related to wellness, mental health/behavioral disability education, public service and education, and healthcare. Nearly 100% of ORB's current clients are public and private non-profit organizations lead by a wide variety of Board, staff, leadership, committee and task force members.  ORB’s team has a passion for what they do and a desire to work with mission-aligned organizations that serve community needs. 

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Tom Wacholz
(320) 808-8029




Kim Barse
Executive Vice President
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David Johnson
Broker/Owner of ORB Real Estate
(320) 760-7558