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Minnesota Safe School Project - STOPit Solutions

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STOPit Solutions has delivered their programs to over 6,000 districts nationwide and serves millions of students and staff. Their programs have helped save and change the lives of thousands. Their CEO and school teams are from Sandy Hook Promise – so they understand the needs of schools and the constraints they face.
Anonymous Reporting System empowers students and staff to report inappropriate behavior, mental health, and safety issues to administrators at their school to ensure the safety and well-being of fellow students and staff.
HELPme HELPme provides support and resources—unique to communities—delivered clearly and consistently to K-12 schools, colleges, community organizations, municipalities, and other agencies. The healing-centered, intuitive interface builds agency by providing choice while maintaining privacy.  Using Get Help, students, parents, and staff can directly connect with the school and local-based resources and ask for assistance using STOPit's fully configurable state-of-the-art reporting system. Whether it is for everyday needs such as food, transportation, clothing, shelter, medical, or mental health needs such as bullying, anxiety, or domestic violence, help is only a click away. 
Training and SEL Center provides social and emotional learning resources and curriculum for students to help improve attitudes and behavior, gain a deeper commitment to learning, and improve classroom behavior. 
To learn more about STOPit Solutions - STOPit Solutions has created a landing page with more details about the program and the ability to meet with a STOPit Representative who can present and demonstrate the programs (approximately 30 minutes needed). 
To access the Grant Funds - To access the grant funds for the STOPit applications, there are two steps:
1. First, complete and return the attached Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  A fully signed MOU is required by the Department of Justice before funds are released. Return the signed MOU to Jane Eastes, Grant Manager, Lakes Country Service Cooperative (LCSC),  
2. Go to the STOPit Solutions MSC landing page and click the link at the bottom of the page to complete a contract with STOPit Solutions. Click HERE for a direct link to the contract. A STOPit representative will contact you and walk you through the next steps and provide you with an account team to ensure you have a seamless onboarding of the programs.
Please complete the two steps listed above as soon as possible to secure your access to the STOPit Solution. If you have any questions regarding the grant, please contact Jane Eastes, Grant Manager, at 218-737-6531, or  For questions specific to the STOPit Solutions application, implementation, or training, contact Richelle Stanz, Senior Account Manager