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How It Works



In the event of a crisis in your district, a single phone call will activate the team response. Members of the Volunteer Network will arrive ready to support your request(s). Lakes Country Service Cooperative will facilitate conversations with the volunteer network and your designated administrator, who maintains control of the crisis response. The administrator and team will then decide which services will be implemented to assist your school and community through this difficult time.

Sharing Resources

All public school districts have comprehensive emergency management plans and most districts have rapid response teams to cover emergent situations. Such teams are essential as the first crucial moments of a crisis are of the utmost importance.

Consider, however, the vulnerability of your school if key personnel are called away from their normal work to handle a crisis. Often, the adults are significantly impacted personally and professionally by the crisis as well.

The sharing of resources helps to:
• Keep the “walking wounded” from having to serve as caregivers
• Provides a highly skilled team
• Offers the benefits of increased experiences

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