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Traumatic Brain Injury

About Traumatic Brain Injury

Common Learner Characteristics

  • Impaired executive functioning skills in such things as:
  • Initiating or starting up an activity, organizing or planning the steps
  • Involvement in a project, and carrying out intended plans
  • Lack of organizational skills and failure to adjust mistakes

How might these characteristics affect a child in the classroom?

  • Sitting idle until another person specifically directs him or her
  • Lacks energy
  • Takes too long to complete a task
  • Trouble following a sequence of directions
  • Difficulty with thinking ahead to what is needed in a given activity
  • Inability to notice and correct errors
  • Difficulty taking suggestions and using them to improve performance
  • Confused with time and/or spacial orientation
  • Fatigues easily
  • Could exhibit characteristics noted under Other Health Impairments and Physical Impairments
  • Difficulty with social skills
  • Difficulty shifting topics

Next Steps

  • Discuss concerns with parents
  • Review student's past history (academic, medical, etc.)
  • Talk to previous teachers. Talk to counselors
  • Explore interventions and document the results
  • Follow school district's referral procedure