Raising of America Discussion - Part 3


This discussion is for Business Owners, Educators, School Board Members, Otter Tail County ECI/Workgroup, Family Service Collaborative members, City Programs, County Programs, Child Care Programs, Child Care Providers, Community Members, Elders, Parents, Elected Government Officials, and others.

This discussion will offer a life changing perspective on how we can work together to get the highest return on our investments! We can either invest early for success or pay more for failure later. So, what is holding us back? www.raisingofamerica.org

11:00-11:30 light meal for all participants, followed by
11:15-12:15 Viewing of a segment of “Raising of America”
12:15-1:00 Discussion facilitated by Troy Haugen and Marsha Erickson.

No cost to attend.

Wounded Places, Why so many of our children show signs of PTSD.

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