• Administrative Services

    Team Support

     The Administrative Services staff is dedicated to assisting in finding solutions to meet the needs of our members through Cooperative Purchasing, Dietitian Services and Health & Safety.

    Melissa Mattson, Director of Administrative Services,
    mmattson@lcsc.org, Direct: 218-737-6507

    Cooperative Purchasing
    Julia Dangerfield, CPC Program Representative, julia@purchasingconnection.org, Direct:218-828-5289
    Jerome Evans, CPC Program Representative, jerome@purchasingconnection.org, Direct:651-371-125
                                                                         Amy Lohse, Procurement Specialist, alohse@lcsc.org, Direct:218-737-6535                                                                                                               Mary Juliot, Marketing & Design Generalist, Express, mjuliot@lcsc.org, Direct: 218-737-6518
    Lori Mittelstadt, Cooperative Purchasing Program Assistant, lmittelstadt@lcsc.org, Direct: 218-737-6532 

     Contact Melissa Mattson, Direct: 218-737-6507

    Health & Safety
    Rick Brynildson, Health & Safety Manager, rbrynildson@lcsc.org, Direct: 218-737-6555
    Jason Perala, Health & Safety Facilitator, jperala@lcsc.org, Direct: 218-737-6533
    Jeff Preuss, Health & Safety Facilitator, jpreuss@lcsc.org, Direct: 218-737-6513
    Wayne Stephens, Health & Safety Facilitator, wstephens@lcsc.org, Direct 218-737-6543
    Linette Hanson, Health & Safety Program Assistant, lhanson@lcsc.org, Direct: 218-737-6529