• Apps for the Creative Classroom:
    Come and learn how to get your students creating in your classroom.  Apps shared foster the 21st century skills through creation using a variety of digital storytelling, picture, and video apps.
    Creating Digital Curriculum for the iPad:
    As schools adopt iOS devices, there is a shift from traditional curriculum to digital curriculum.  In this session, participants will learn a variety of iOS apps that can be used to create access and collect curriculum materials, including digital text and video, alonf with tools and discussion for evaluating apps to use in the classroom.
    Flexbook Writers' Workshop:
    Need digital curriculum for your middle or high school classroom but don't want to start from scratch?  CK-12 Foundation's Flexbooks system simplifies the process of customizing an eTextbook specifically for your students.  Come and learn how to get stated with the CK-12's Flexbooks system, including how to search and select content, edit content, follow copyright, and publish and share content.  You will also learn about other free resources from CK-12.  Participants will have time to work with the Flexbooks tools and start work on a Flexbook for their classroom.