• Fit Choices

     Health Club Reimbursement Program

  • With Fit Choices by Medica, you can earn up to $20 a month towards your health club membership. That means you can save up to $240 a year while reaching your physical activity goals! Hit the gym at least 8 times every month to start earning this reward.

  • Gym

  • Let's Get Started: 

    • Locate and join a participating health club.
    • Present your Medica ID card.
    • Workout at your health club or through their live online workout classes, if available. The health club will track and notify Medica of your monthly visits.
    • Meet your monthly visit requirement and receive up to $20 towards your membership fees. 


  • Fit Choices is available at both regional and local clubs in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and western Wisconsin.