• Sanvello - 2023 Program

    Manage Stress, Anxiety and Depression

  • Sanvello is an app that provides coping tools, daily mood tracking, guided journeys, and weekly progress check-ins to stay engaged and manage symptoms. Based on the Cognitive Behavioral Theory, this program helps you manage stress, anxiety, depression, or whatever else you may be going through. 

  • Mental Health

  • What you'll get to enjoy 

    • Coping Tools - Learn various techniques to help you relax in stressful situations. 
    • Mood Tracking - Answer questions every day to capture your current mood, while identifying patterns and noticing progress. 
    • Personalized Progress - Set goals that are important to you and keep track of your progress through weekly check-ins.
    • Guided Journeys - Gain control and build long-term life skills through expert-created journeys. 
    • Support - Find encouragement through the stories of your Sanvello peer community, and anonymously share your own to support others.